Hopes and Dreams : Highlights of French Open

The French Open has recently come to an end, leaving behind some unforgettable moments and exceptional performances. The talented Lea Van Der ZwalmenFrench number 1 and world number 2 female player- a member of the Jeu de Paume club in Bordeaux, once again dazzled the public by reaching both the singles and doubles final, marking a remarkable milestone in her career.

In the singles final, she came up against the legendary Claire Fahey, the 'Serena Williams' of this game, unbeaten since 2009. The match was fierce, with Lea showing exceptional determination. She even had set points, upsetting the title holder and demonstrating the quality of her game. Although victory eluded her this time, this promising performance suggests an exciting season ahead for the talented French player.

On the mens side, the French players Mathieu Sarlangue and Nicolas Victoir also left their mark with an outstanding doubles performance. In the quarter-finals, they beat the number 3 seeds in 5 sets, demonstrating their skill and fighting spirit on the court.

The full results of the French Open testify to the intensity and exceptional level of competition. The French athletes gave their best, heralding an exciting season for fans of the game. Stay tuned for more from Lea Van Der Zwalmen, Mathieu Sarlangue, Nicolas Victoir, and all the other talented top players who left their mark on this memorable edition of the Open de France. 

Final Draw : https://paumefrance.com/tableux-open-de-france-2023/

To watch the games again on replay: https://www.youtube.com/@JeudePaumeRealTennisFrance/featured

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