International Tennis Day 2023

20 June 2023

In Bordeaux, on Monday June 20, 2023, at 00:30, the countdown began to International Tennis Day. The nocturnal phase started after a plancha dinner. Some of the players recharged their batteries on the canapés. As the hours tick by, the players found the energy to play.Someone asked "it's already cocktail time!? (or did it ever stop?!!). They stop counting the hours, the exchanges, the competitors... will they succeed in this crazy bet? Beer taps in foam phase; brains of the most enduring in the same state... The fateful hour approaches, and the first combatants complete the challenge 24 hours later. Mission accomplished!

À Versailles

Built in 1686 at the request of its owners, Nicolas Cretté and François Bazin who were also the Professionnals, this court hosted the scene of the famous "Serment du jeu de paume", which launched the French Revolution on June 20, 1789. The room was transformed into a museum and was inaugurated in 1883 by Jules Ferry.

Recently restored in 2021-2022, it has since been reopened to the public (subject to conditions).

The same day, a little earlier, the Jesters entered the hall to discover this temple to the French Revolution and pose for posterity!

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