Brass Racquet 2024

4 February 2024

What a fantastic finale to the Brass Racquet 2024! This tournament will remain in our memories, not only for the intensity of the matches but also for the exceptional spirit of fair play and competition that prevailed throughout the weekend.

We witnessed remarkable performances, with a special mention for Pierre Blanchot who won his first tournament victory in a thrilling match against Arnaud Tribaudeau. The close score of 6/5 6/5 is a testament to the fierce battle they delivered. In doubles, René Philippe Duboscq & Arnaud Tribaudeau brilliantly defended the colors of Bordeaux, securing a home victory against Ariane Huynh-Lenhardt and Malcolm Allan.

A big congratulations to Stephane Fancellu for proudly representing Pau and winning the consolation round, and to the young finalist Arthur, a promising talent who, with only 4 months of playing to his name, has shown he is a competitor to watch in the future. We shouldn't see him in the Brass category next year.

We are particularly proud to see that all French clubs were represented, strengthening the spirit of the real tennis community in France. A big thank you to everyone who made the trip, contributing to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that characterizes our sport and our club so well.

Bordeaux also positions itself as a stronghold of real tennis in France. The "racquets" are Bordeaux's this year: Pierre in Brass, Nicolas in Bronze, Vincent (the local boy) in Silver. The challenge is on for Gold, Lea, it's your turn to play! 😉

Our dedicated volunteers deserve a special ovation: Bernie, for his delicious meals that delighted our taste buds all weekend; Manue, whose physiotherapy skills were more than necessary after days of intense competition; and Brigitte, who managed the prize-giving with flair in the absence of our president.

A special mention also goes to the numerous supporters this weekend: Bordeaux knows how to host and set the atmosphere!

We also thank our precious sponsors, the CFCP, Racketbox, and Laujac, for their generous support and the lovely prizes they provided.

The calendar of upcoming events is already full, with Club Tournaments in Bordeaux scheduled throughout February, culminating in the Mixed Doubles Challenge on the 24th. We invite you to stay engaged and actively participate in the life of our club.

Thank you again to everyone for your participation and support. We look forward to seeing you for more thrilling adventures on the court.

The Bordeaux Club

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