Team France competing in the Bathurst Cup

20 March 2024

Melbourne, Australia - Australia wins the prestigious Bathurst Cup 2024.

The Bathurst Cup brings together four nations in the men's event (Great Britain, United States, Australia and France) and pits Great Britain against the Rest of the World in the women's. The French team, led by captain Charles-Antoyne Hurstel, was made up of Nicolas Victoir, Benjamin Jacquin and Léa Van Der Zwalmen (captain of the Rest of the World team).

Dans la compétition masculine, l’équipe française débutait son périple contre une redoutable équipe australienne. Kieran Booth, numéro un australien, a pris l’avantage en battant en trois sets un Nicolas Victoir très combatif, tandis que Michael Williams, numéro deux australien, assurait un deuxième point sans difficulté. L’espoir reposait alors sur le double français, mais la paire Victoir / Jacquin s’inclinait face à la formation australienne Booth / Pridmore. La France pliait finalement devant l’Australie sur un score sans appel de 5 à 0.

However on the women's side our representative (undefeated throughout the tournament) enabled the team 'Rest of the World' to compete with Great Britain. After five days of fierce competition, the score remained balanced, thus keeping the suspense at its peak. In the final singles match, Léa Van Der Zwalmen brilliantly (with no less than 10 wins to her name...!) defeated the English number one, Tara Lumley, thus ensuring the possibility of a decisive doubles match for the ultimate victory. With unwavering determination, the Van Der Zwalmen / Bollerman pair did not falter, giving the Rest of the World team the chance to walk away with the trophy for the first time in its history!

In the men's competition, third place was still a possibility against the United States. Charles-Antoyne Hurstel took on Ben Hudson, the revelation of the tournament. After a tight first set won 6/5, the Frenchman finally conceded the match in four sets. Fortunately, our French number one, Nicolas Victoir, came back into contention after a fierce 3 hour and 40 minute battle with Pat Winthrop, finally winning 6/5 in the fifth set. Tied 1-1 after the first day of competition, hopes were still high. However, the following day, our national pair (Victoir / Jacquin) were finally defeated 6/3 in the fifth set, after another marathon. France then had their backs against the wall, and needed to win the last two singles to have any hope of victory. Unfortunately, all hope was quickly dashed when Henry Smith beat our captain, who was running out of energy.Translated with (free version)

In the final, in the long-awaited match between the two favorites, Australia came from behind to defeat Great Britain (three points to two). The match was decided in an exceptional doubles match, which saw the pair Booth / Pridmore prevail over the English pair Shenkman / Henman after five hard-fought sets. Australian Oliver Pridmore thus became the youngest ever winner during a Bathurst Cup tournament!

See you in France two years from now for the next event! avec une détermination et une ambition à la hausse devant son public.
L’équipe est prêt à relever le défi et à tout donner pour briller sur ses terres !

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