Silver Racquet 2023

24 November 2023

In the singles draw, Vincent Lentonturier confirmed his remarkable start to the season by winning the French 2nd series title. As number 5 seed, he pulled off a surprise in the semi-finals, beating number 1 seed Clement Depreeuw in three hard-fought sets, before triumphing over the formidable Jean-Baptiste Rossi, also in three sets, himself victorious over number 2 seed Florent Brethon in two straight sets. Congratulations to Vincent on this well-deserved victory. A special mention to Jean-Baptiste Rossi, a new player in Bordeaux for the past year, who had an exceptional season, becoming a finalist in both the bronze and silver rackets. We look forward to following the progress of these two players at the Raquette d'Or!

In doubles, the established order was shaken up by the Alex Boy / Charles Blanchot pair's three-set victory over Florent Brethon and Vincent Letonturier in the semi-final, while the other semi-final followed past outcomes with a tight two-set win for the Clement/Sebastian pair over Tayt Baldwin and Emmanuel Chelli. The final was a captivating spectacle with three top-level sets, seeing the Clement/Sebastian pair triumph over Alex and Charles. The suspense kept the audience enthralled, and congratulations to all the teams for putting on such a memorable show.




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