On the Court and in Full Color: A Look Back at the First Double Mixed Challenge

24 February 2024

Last Saturday, the Jeu de Paume of Bordeaux was transformed into a true amphitheater of joy and good humor for the Double Mixed Challenge. This event brought together a diverse crowd, from dedicated club members to friends who came to support their loved ones, and players who came to back up their friends and teammates.

From the start, the tournament stood out for its originality by requiring matching outfits for each pair, thus adding a touch of lightness. From Mr. and Mrs. La Marquise (Emmanuelle and Henri) in their elegant costumes, to the punks Brigitte and Jacques, and the lumberjacks Joel and Typhanie, the variety of outfits made for quite the spectacle, embodying the festive spirit of the club. Kudos to everyone for getting into the spirit! (I'm forgetting many, but you'll find some photos of the tournament below)

The tournament format, warmly received, didn't fail to generate some amusing frustrations, especially during the tense match endings signaled by the bell. This added a bit of spice to the game! Arnaud and Bernie stood out for their precision, accumulating an additional 19 points thanks to their skill at hitting targets, a performance that garnered admiration and applause. A record to beat!

The duel between young Wandé and Anne-Laure, our newcomer, against Lea and Edouard, was particularly appreciated, ending with a close score of 6/5, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Wandé, clearly dazzled by the opportunity to play against our champion Lea and her uncle Edouard, will keep an unforgettable memory of this experience.

The final saw Marina and Jean facing Arnaud and Bernie in an exciting showdown, with the former duo prevailing 8/4. Marina, making her first steps in real tennis, and Jean, returning after a hiatus, proved to be a formidable team. Arnaud and Bernie couldn't do anything to overturn the handicap against them (-15 / 30, one service, no tambour).

All scores and rankings can be checked by consulting the table below.

Our thanks naturally go to the sponsors (CFCP & FFT), the tireless volunteers, and all the participants of this tournament for their contribution to its success. Congratulations to Marina and Jean for their remarkable victory, to all the players for their dynamism and the wonderful lunch shared, and a big thank you to Lea for orchestrating an unforgettable post-tournament evening at Le Bal du Coq, plunging us back into the joyful nostalgia of the 80s.

This first Double Mixed Challenge lays the foundation for a tradition we hope will endure, with excitement for the next edition already building. The spirit of competition, friendship, and shared passion for the game are all values we celebrated together.

Stay tuned for our next event at the end of March and get ready for the Edouard Kressmann Trophy from April 23 to 28. It's just the beginning!

The Bordeaux Club

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